You're an LRE couple if...

you're looking forward to a simple & fun wedding planning experience. You value the experience & expertise of professionals and you see the benefit of having a partner who has done this dozens of times & has a proven process for getting shit done effeciently and with as little stress, anxiety & BS as possible.

Your wedding day is important to you because of what it stands for: the merging of two families and the beginning of your legacy together; but you don't take yourselves too seriously & understand that while this is a monumental day, it is just A DAY.

You're tired of going to weddings & it looking like Pinterest threw up all over the venue. You have a defined style and appreciate a good design, but want every piece that's selected to serve a purpose & tell a part of your story.

You trust the people you partner with and allow them to guide you. You're laid back in personality, but you're also organized, appreciate a good checklist & are timely in both your attendance and meeting deadlines.

You're kind, respectful and value integrity over perfection. & So does your fam.

Some common trends in LRE Couples:

  •  They love yoga

  • They're proud plant parents

  • At least one of their parents live long distance

  • They prefer guest counts under 150 (although it's not always feasible)

  • They love shopping at Target & Homegoods

  • They love to travel

  • They appreciate candidness

  • They're either blending cultures or are a blended family

  • They have & appreciate sarcastic senses of humor

  • They are generous

  • Their love moves the people who know them 

Some common wedding goals for LRE couples:

  • An intimate wedding (whether in numbers or feel)

  • To walk into their reception feeling like it couldn't belong to anyone but them

  • For their guests & families to have as equally an incredible experience as they do

  • To get to the end of their wedding day feeling like all of the planning, money & stress and stress was worth it


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