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Alexis Alvarez

Owner & Lead Planner

I am happily married to a guy I shared a locker next to for 4 years in high school, who was annoyed by my very loud & obnoxious existence until we talked for the first time & instantly became best friends. We just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary & have 2 beautiful daughters, Lily (3) & Ellie (2). I feel my best wearing a tiny amount of make up, a gray t-shirt & jeans, with my curly mane loose & rocking my signature pink frames. I believe in Jesus, in love, in family, in kindness, in the spirit of Santa Clause, & in being generous with time. I struggle with my temper, having enough patience & creating boundaries. I opened this joint after spending 5 years in the hospitality industry and nearly 10 years dreaming of owning my own company. I am so excited to meet you and hear your story, about your love & your dreams for your wedding!

Ennegram Type: 2 with a strong 3 wing

Fave Food: Tacos

Fave Boozy Drink: Chardonnay

Starbucks Order: Grande Blonde Roast w/ heavy cream

Fave Place to Shop: Target or Homegoods

If I were given $5K to spend on a non necessity I would spend it on: 2 trips; one with the girls to Disney & the other just my husband and I to Israel

My idea of self care is... 8 hours of sleep, saying no, drinking my coffee while it's hot, regular mani/pedis

3 most used emojis: 😘😂😩

Grace Minogue

Associate Planner

I love and have a passion for meeting & working with new people! Although relatively new to the world of wedding planning, I take pride in the 4 years of hospitality experience I have primarily from the restaurant industry, making me an expert on managing chaos & the BTS world of food service. Outside of LRE, I am still your fave local bartender/server & Hospitality Management student. In my free time, I love lounging in bed, cleaning my room (yeah I'm weird like that, but don't you want a clean freak managing your details?), or doing anything that doesn't require me to leave the house. Otherwise, you can find me at the gym or on vacation (I LOVE to travel!). I can't wait to make your dreams & visions a reality for your wedding!

Ennegram Type: 5

Fave Food: Mac & Cheese

Fave Boozy Drink: Tequila & Sprite

Starbucks Order: Iced Latte with almond milk, upside down, cinnamon dolce syrup

Fave Place to Shop: Tommy Hilfiger or Target

If I were given $5K to spend on a non necessity I would spend it on: Travel & then save whatever is left

My idea of self care is... being sleep before midnight

3 most used emojis: 😂☠️🥴

Amanda Santiago

Associate Planner

I'm a city girl at my core, but I love a good hike up the mountains. My favorite place to be is outside, but when indoors, movie theaters are my sanctuary. I watch all the Best Picture nominees every year before the Oscars. My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary & have a 2 year old son named Noah. We met online on a social networking site that no longer exists when no one knew what the term "social networking" meant.  I love to travel because it reminds me that there is more to life than the bubble that I live in. My idea of heaven is a wedding: friends, family, music, dancing, good food, fun, everything around you is beautiful, celebration & smiles all around. I am so excited to hear how you two met and how we can make this day feel like heaven for you!

Ennegram Type: 6w5

Fave Food: Tacos

Fave Boozy Drink: Coquito

Starbucks Order: Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea

Fave Place to Shop: Target

If I were given $5K to spend on a non necessity I would spend it on: A personal chef

My idea of self care is... Hot showers, exercise, & long drives with music blasted

3 most used emojis: 😆😒😘

Nina Simoncelli

Associate Planner

I'm a suburbs girl through and through. I love fashion & have a passion for style! The most important thing to me is my family (fun fact, I actually live directly next door to my grandparents!) and my boyfriend! Some of my favorite things to do are try new restaurants to see who has the best appetizers, eat Extra Toasty Cheez-It in bed, and have lazy Sundays if I can! I believe that laughter is the best medicine, that you should be kind always, and that everyone has a story that should be heard. I am so excited to help you tell yours on your wedding day!

Ennegram Type: 9

Fave Food: Gnocchi with Vodka Sauce

Fave Boozy Drink: Vodka Lemonade & White Claws (duh!)

Starbucks Order: Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato

Fave Place to Shop: Target

If I were given $5K to spend on a non necessity I would spend it on: A trip to Italy with my family & boyfriend

My idea of self care is... getting my eyelashes done (aka 2 hours without looking at my phone) & going on vacation where I can relax

3 most used emojis: 😂❤🤩


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