In this phase, you will secure the venue and the most in-demand vendors.

TIMING: In a 12-month engagement, this phase should begin within two weeks of booking and be complete eight months before the wedding. 



Time for all things pretty! In this phase, you will focus on the aesthetics of the event. 

TIMING: In a 12-month engagement, this phase should start around seven months before the wedding and be completed four months before the wedding. 



In Phase 3, our focus is to tie it all in a bow and make sure we are reconciling all of your planned details with each vendor.

TIMING: With a 12-month engagement, this phase should start around three months before the wedding and be completed two weeks before the wedding.

Our BS Free Wedding

Planning Process

Our BS Free Wedding

Planning Experiences

Full Planning Experience

In short, this is little lady is all of the things.


If you're the couple who's like "how the heck do you plan a wedding? & why is every venue already booked? Our wedding is 18 months away!!" This one is for you!

We walk with you through the entire process, first by creating a customized timeline for your planning experience, a budget based on your specific needs & preferences, and a unique style guide for your wedding. We then work together to book any of your big ticket vendors you haven't selected yet. Our recommendations are personalized to your style, vibe & budget so you don't have to get lost in The Knot/Weddingwire/Google rabbit hole & then focusing on all the pretty details we'll use to tell your love and origin stories to your guests on your wedding day.

We'll even handle those tedious tasks like tracking your RSVPs & putting together & delivering your gift bags to the hotels.

This planning experience includes Phases 1, 2 & 3

Associate Planner: Starting $4900

Lead Planner: Starting $5700

Partial Planning Experience

This one is some of the
If you've got a handle on
the fundamentals of your
wedding (ie. the big 3 -
venue, date, & vendors)
but have no idea how to
tell that super important
story about that time you
guys went out for coffee
& you had a latte foam
mustache on it gave you
guys the giggle so hard
that it's still referenced to
this day... this one's for


This planning experience is perfect for the couple who either has the majority of their vendors or is totally comfy with taking on that part of planning with limited assistance, but needs help with the vision, logistics & staying on track.

This planning experience includes Phases 2 & 3

Associate Planner: Starting $3200

Lead Planner: Starting $3900 

Wedding Management Experience

(You know this babe as "Day of Coordination")

If you got engaged and immediately were like "OMG Nikki got married last year & used this amazing photographer & I've always wanted to get married at the Chicago History Museum & my Pinterest board is masterpiece & honestly, I actually might just become a wedding planner after this is over because I love it so freaking much!" Then this service was made with you in mind.

Regardless of how much fun you had planning your wedding, you've still most likely never planned a wedding & will need some expert advise along the way, and we are HERE FOR IT!

Our Wedding Management Experience begins as soon as you book with our list of recommended wedding dream teamers. Then continues throughout your engagement with unlimited email access for any questions or advice you need throughout planning. and monthly check in emails with suggested tasks for the coming month. Your Wedding Manager comes onto your team full time 12 weeks before your wedding & pull it all together. We'll meet with you for coffee to learn all about the amazing day you've planned. Then we'll work behind the scenes finalizing details with your vendors, putting together a master timeline of the day (seriously!), designing a floor plan & be there for your final walk through, at your rehearsal & of course on the wedding day.

This planning experience includes Phase 3

Associate Wedding Manager: Starting $1500

Associate Planner: $1800


Money is a YUCK topic, but let's just talk about it.


People are often afraid to invest in things because they are afraid it won't be worth it. Story time! I remember going shopping with my mom when I was 18 & found a SUPER CUTE pink, lace blazer that basically had my name on it & I went to put it back because of the price. My mom insisted that I buy it because it was an investment. An investment into my look, an investment into my career, an investment into my future, an investment into my dream. After my dad called & told me not to be dumb, I caved & bought it. Can I just tell you that I wore that blazer to every single job interview or major career event I had for SIX YEARS?!

Yes, this service is an investment. But my job is to protect you. Protect the rest of your investment into your wedding & ultimately, protect your dream. And here's the thing, for the average full planning client we spend about 120 hours planning, add into that the we don't keep regular office hours for our clients (because you're most likely not wedding planning M-F 9-5), but we also don't limit staff or hours on your wedding day. We want you to have what you need & not feel like we're on opposing teams because 60 days before your wedding we decide you need 5 people onsite to make the day run smoothly & that'll be an extra $600.

Ashley says: "I will tell everyone going forward, you're so worth it!!"


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