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I'm engaged! Now what? 5 to dos after you put a ring on it

Photo Credit: Our sweet couple Amanda & Joe

YAY! You've either received or given a sparkly new accessory! Now what? Here are 5 to dos after you put a ring on it.

1. Post a ring selfie on IG! I mean, duh. It's 2018 (or maybe 2019 when you're reading this), so obviously, the first logical step to wedding planning is to post a ring selfie with the adorbs story as your caption. Spread the word to total strangers (and cyber stalker wedding pros like myself) by using fun hashtags like #feyonce #fiance #isaidyes #imengaged #wereengaged #howheasked #ringselfie

2. Set a wedding budget. This is the absolute first step to wedding planning. Sit down together & determine a realistic budget for your wedding.

3. Determine your guest count. Keep in mind when narrowing down this list that you'll be paying approximately $85 (or more) per person for food.

4. Decide if you want to hire a wedding planner. No hard feelings if the answer is no, but if you do want to work with a planner, now's the time to decide before you start booking other vendors. A wedding planner can help you allocate your budget appropriately, find the right venue & vendor team, and help you dream up your vision. To get the most bang for your buck, book a planner first to help with the rest.

5. Go on a date! I'm not kidding. It is heartbreaking to me to watch so many couples get so wrapped up in planning a wedding that they forget to enjoy their engagement. You can never get this particular season of your life back, so be intentional about stopping to enjoy the view! Whether it's a bubble bath, champagne & candles or a night out on the town to see your favorite comedian & eat at your favorite restaurant make it a point to celebrate the moment & pat yourself on the back for the work you've already gotten done!

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