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If you’ve spent even 10 seconds scrolling IG for #weddinginspo you know there’s a lot of bullshit in our industry. The pressure we see burdening couples when they come to us is frankly, not fair. We see things like comparison, envy & financial pressures served with a side of family drama stealing joy from engaged couples left and right. We know you deserve more. Lillian Rose Events offers a more holistic approach to wedding planning. Yes, we handle the tangible planning details like:


  • Finding a great venue to host your wedding at

  • Designing something beautiful and reflective of you

  • Creating a realistic timeline of events


but we also show up in an emotional support role more often than not. Just to name a few examples: 


  • We’ve mediated between a couple who could not see eye to eye on whether or not to invite children to their wedding (& helped them discover that it’s not what they were really upset about anyway)

  • We’ve held a mom’s hand at a tasting when she felt she wasn’t being heard

  • We’ve checked in on a groom who’s mom & fiance were feuding, leaving him the uncomfortable & hurt middle man

  • We’ve fended off aunt Karen on wedding day, because for some reason she was confused on who’s day it was

  • We’ve taken panicked calls about absolutely nothing other than to listen & reassure


Our belief is that it’s all significant. Whether you’re newly engaged or have been planning for a year, you likely already have & will continue to experience emotional ups and downs & it all matters to us because these moments: the one where you find your dream dress & the one where you’re crushed because your sister didn’t show up the way you needed her to all add up to your engagement experience & we sincerely want to walk through this season of life with you, loving you and your families well the whole way through.

Our Core Values

No Bullshit

Most people call this “integrity” but we all know bullshit when we see it. It looks like lack of accountability, dishonesty, pushiness, & insincerity. We’re here for absolutely zero of it.

Perfection is a myth

We don’t promise our couples a perfect wedding day, because it doesn’t exist & we’re frank about it. It doesn’t exist because perfection doesn’t exist. Now, I’m sure you’re nodding like “hell yeah it doesn’t” but American consumerism has trained us to demand perfection (or else). You will not find perfection here. We are humans, as are your vendors. We do not expect perfection from ourselves or the people we work with. What we do expect is accountability, honesty & sincerity. If you’re looking for perfection, we are not the planners for you, but if you want to work with people who will own their mistakes when they happen & truly want to make it right, then keep on reading. We also promise not to push you on shit you don’t want, need or can’t afford.


We believe in showing up regularly & consistently in your lives. We do that by working really hard to return texts within a few hours, calls the same day and emails within 24 hours and through our weekly check in emails. Now let's be real, sometimes life gets in the way & we fall short of our own expectations, but when we anticipate a lapse in response times, we work to communicate those in advance & are big fans of utilizing our out of office responders to keep our couples & vendor partners up to date with real time expectations.


Everyone is welcome here. Period.

Loving People Well

Our most important core value that influences everything else we do and believe is our mission to love people well. 


  1. Our couples: You are the reason we are here. During what we know to be an emotional roller coaster, we vow to love you well through all of the ways we listed above from the day you hire us through your wedding day and beyond. One way we do that is by providing you with a wedding attendant for your wedding morning to make sure all dresses are steamed, lunches are delivered, shuttles are packed and timeline is going as planned.

  2. Our families: A few of us on the team are moms. We GET IT. This is just as much of an emotional experience for you as it is for your kids. Blending families with different backgrounds, cultures, traditions, financial situations, expectations… is not easy. Then there’s the whole “leaving the nest, starting their own family” thing that comes with its own emotional complexities. We are here for all of you. Please take us up on that.

  3. Our guests: We are well staffed on the wedding day so that there is always one person whose sole job is to serve your guests so that they know where the restroom is, what time dinner is starting, where to put those envelopes of cash, etc.  

  4. Our vendors: You make us look so good. Literally nothing we do matters without our partners & we are so grateful for the work you do in providing our couples with the services and products to make their wedding dream a reality. We commit to loving you well, but owning our shit, never throwing you under the bus (even if you make a mistake; we hope you’ll do us the same courtesy), responding to your emails and calls quickly & by making sure you have everything you need during planning & on the wedding day to provide the amazing end product our clients are expecting.

  5. Our communities: We are pretty passionate about loving the communities we belong to well. We are in the beginning stages of launching a nonprofit organization to address one of the societal pains that too many people face on a daily basis. Many people don’t have access to clean laundry, which is a problem that stems into lack of education, joblessness, lack of self esteem and so much more. The issue of poverty is a large undertaking, but Lillian Rose Events is in the building phases of launching a nonprofit called Cycles of Hope which will provide access to free laundry to families in the Chicago & Rockford areas. 10% of all of our contracts will go to launching & funding this initiative. Additionally, Lillian Rose Events provides each of its team members a paid volunteer day off to get out into the community and make a difference where they feel a personal passion. We also partner with a handful of nonprofits every year to plan their fundraising galas.

  6. Each other: Our team cannot function without love. When joining the team, we commit to showing up for each other professionally & personally, always.


This is a cele-freaking-bration, afterall! Like WTF is any of this about if we can’t have some fun? Your engagement should be fun & so should your wedding day. We promise to laugh with you, celebrate with you & even show off an awkward 2 step as we make our way from one end of the room to the other during dancing.

Anna says: "Lillian Rose Events is one of the most sincere and understanding vendors I've worked with. The day would NOT have been the same without them! I'll be recommending Lillian Rose Events to every person I know."


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