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Wedding Planning minus the BS

If you’ve spent even 10 seconds scrolling IG for #weddinginspo you know there’s a lot of bullshit in our industry. The pressure we see burdening couples when they come to us is frankly, not fair. We see things like comparison, envy & financial pressures served with a side of family drama stealing joy from engaged couples left and right. We know you deserve more.

Getting engaged looks a lot like this:

Step 1: You're super excited and cannot stop searching for all things #weddinginspo

Step 2: You try to start planning to be quickly overwhelmed by the options & cost. I mean, since when did getting or receiving a rock make you independently wealthy? & holy crap there's how many results for "Chicago Wedding Venue"?

Step 3: Every wedding you find on Pinterest & IG starts to look the exact same & you start to wonder if you're destined to have the same wedding as every one you went to last summer.

Step 4: Everyone you know starts hammering you for a date & you're like "can you please calm down Susan? We just got engaged like a month ago"

Step 5: You pour half a bottle of wine into the biggest cup you can find, settle on the couch in your "adulting is hard" sweats (yeah we have them too) & land on this page feeling like "I just need someone to help me."

Wedding Planning with Lillian Rose Events looks like this:

Step 1: You attend our introduction call eager to hear if we're people who can help you & people you'll want to have a drink with.

Step 2: You decide we're planning soulmates & decide to make it official.

Step 3: Our work together begins with a discovery meeting where we take a deep dive into all things, vision, budget & timeline.

Step 4: We stay in touch with meetings, phone calls, texts, DMs & weekly check in emails, helping you feel connected, supported & like you're slowly but surely chip away at all the tasks.

Step 5: It's your wedding day & you feel exactly like Steffi: "I cannot imagine my wedding feeling any more perfect than it did with Lillian Rose Events at the helm. The day of the wedding I did not have to think about anything but getting ready and having a good time.​"

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A Love Note from Melissa & Marcelo

"Having them as my wedding planner felt like I had a little guardian angel watching everything"

Lillian Rose Events is the BEST! Having them as my wedding planner felt like I had a little guardian angel watching over everything on my wedding day. They are extremely organized, communicative, professional, detail oriented, proactive, SWEET, kind, caring, empathetic, all the best qualities to help a stressed and worried bride to be! I was a little hesitant at first to hire a wedding planner, being as it would be an additional expense, however I realized knowing myself that I would not enjoy my wedding day to its fullest if I wasn't confident I had this extra support that had my BACK! I knew that having Lillian Rose Events there would mean that certain tasks were being completed and that our vendors were fully connected and working from the same page. Like I said, they are very organized, and thoughtful in how they manage each couple. They prioritize you as their clients, and makes sure that you feel heard, supported, and valued. Lillian Rose Events is the best of the best, I am sure of that. I would recommend them to anyone needing a little to a lot of support around wedding planning/day of coordination. Marcelo and I are forever thankful to you! <3 <3 <3 <3


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